Letter to the Editor: A rebuttal to ‘Many Thanks for Local Heroes’

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Well…well…well, Delbert Reed, former CMP Operations Manager, surfaces, AGAIN, praising and supporting the CMP Corridor once again!

Oh my goodness, I vividly recall Delbert proclaiming the wonderful advantages of the CMP Corridor at the hearing in the Farmington UMF Lincoln Auditorium, what… two+ years ago?!! Get a grip, petitions were signed throughout our great state by hundreds of Maine voters that were against the CMP Corridor! The state of Maine had a vote on the issue which indeed, had the official result that the majority of Maine voters voted against the CMP Corridor. Currently, the case is continuing through the Maine court system, the next ruling is expected in April 2023.

Why do I continue to rally against the CMP Corridor, and why, seeing Delbert’s LTE immediately compelled me to stick out like a sore thumb?!

Because, I can not believe Delbert continues to preach the same platform, singing the praises for the CMP Corridor and singling out two of our local gentlemen for their support of the opposition to the Corridor! I have been and continue to be against the CMP Corridor for environmental reasons. The Corridor already has and would destroy miles and miles of healthy forestland, (we have pictures of damage already done!), cause pollution to many waterways: streams, ponds, lakes and a river, erosion and pollution into said waterways, also interrupt lives and possibly harm a great number of animal wildlife, interrupt routes and migratory paths of wildlife, and probable harm to fish and waterfowl. Furthermore, I am against the CMP Corridor because it greatly decreases the isolated wild magnificent forestland to pass on to future generations!

I personally, along with MANY dedicated NO CMP Corridor Volunteers, have devoted my mental and physical energy to opposing the Corridor for about the past 3 years! We are a strong, earnest, honest and proud cohesive Group, in tune with the beliefs-ideals of our fellow Mainers. So, Delbert, you have a strong and transparent force that will continue to rally against you and your group. Again, sorry you felt compelled to single out two of our well liked local gentlemen!

Wendy A. Huish
Farmington, Maine

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