Letter to the Editor: Accountability, Laws, Principles

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We are continually amazed that the US government stands idle as Israel engages in a genocide against the people of Gaza. Not even idle, the US government under Joe Biden continues to propose legislation intended to keep the killers well armed with US taxpayer provided weapons. Every day we read about a new proposal to give billions of US dollars for lethal weapons that are currently killing thousands of civilian women and children in Gaza. The International Court of Justice has ruled that it is plausible genocide and instructed Israel and all parties to stop killing Gazans and allow humanitarian relief to the starving and bombarded people in Gaza. The result; Biden and Congress keep proposing ways to send billions of dollars more weapons to Israel for use on Gazans. Biden defunds UNRWA, the UN relief agency to Gaza on shaky allegations by Netanyahu. In what world does this make any sense? And we need to watch the votes of our Congressional delegation on these bills. We need to hold King, Collins, Golden and Pingree accountable for their votes on issues of morality and illegality; life and death. The impartial court, the International Court of Justice, has ruled. It is unacceptable in a country that is based on laws and principles to continue to ignore what the court has ruled without accountability.

Ed Ferreira
New Sharon


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