Letter to the Editor: Alice Sozanski running for MSAD 58 Board

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My name is Alice Sozanski, and I am running for the MSAD 58 School Board.

I was born and raised in Phillips, and I am the mother of five wonderful children. I am also a registered nurse and an adjunct professor with a master’s degree in Theology.

MSAD 58 has undergone significant changes this past year. Some of these changes were prompted by overspending and lack of fiscal planning.

To save our local schools, we must bring real fiscal responsibility back to the district. Without this commitment, we could face consequences such as the closure of our local schools and continued, unsustainable tax increases for our communities.

The school board should partner with the parents and taxpayers of the communities it serves to plan for a sustainable future.

It is the responsibility of the school board to craft a budget that serves our students’ needs without devastating our community. The budgeting process should be deliberative, transparent, and include all stakeholders.

Our students should be provided academic materials based in fact, and those materials should be age appropriate.

Our school board should focus on preparing our students academically for their future and providing a learning experience that is developmentally appropriate.

Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education.

I hope to see you at the Phillips Town Meeting on Saturday, June 17th at 10 a.m. Your participation in this process is so important to the success of our children and the financial health of our community.


Alice Sozanski RN BS MA
Phillips, Maine


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