Letter to the Editor: An ugly trend

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We in Franklin County have always had the right to choose the most qualified candidate as our treasurer. There’s now a proposal to let a few folks choose for us, abolishing the right to elect a treasurer for ourselves. To me this sounds eerily like a current trend in many states to trade the will of the people for the will of a chosen few: democracy vs stuff like favoritism and petty power.

There’s no reason the county treasurer position should be about party politics, no reason to convert our voting to control by a few insiders. Look, I’ve voted for both Republican and Democratic treasurers, usually to re-elect. I voted this way because each seemed honest and qualified. I plan to vote that way again, since we’re fortunate enough to have a highly skilled treasurer right now–an honest, competent lawyer who’s also saving us a good deal of money.

This ugly trend toward concentrated minority power isn’t healthy. It’s time to stop it. We can help by adding commissioners and by voting NO on the referendum that calls for abolishing the elected county treasurer position.

Kevin Howley

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