Letter to the Editor: Bravo to Jared Golden

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BRAVO to Jared Golden for his stance on the student loan bailout of Joe Biden. His stance is very unpopular with all the snowflakes in his party but he stepped up to the administration’s “everything is free in America” agenda.

How can any reasonable adult sign loan paperwork and not understand that a loan has to be paid back? If you didn’t know that you definitely had no business enrolling in higher education.

This whole ludicrous idea is a slap in the face to every hard working American who is expected to pay the tab of these freeloaders. These are the same Americans that go to work every day and month after month are paying back their own vehicle loans, house mortgages and credit card payments. They never ever signed up to pay off your loans too. They either couldn’t afford college or chose not to go to college or maybe enlisted in the military so that they too could get a college education.

So all I can say in closing, pull up your big boy or big girl or however you identify pants and take care of your own responsibilities. Again, I have never been so proud of my representative Jared Golden.

Jay Battersby
Solon, Maine


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