Letter to the Editor: campaign signs stolen

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As the Franklin County Republican Committee Chair, I am deeply sadden and frustrated by the coordinated actions from some malicious individual(s) that have targeted and removed McCain/Palin and other republican party candidate’s campaign signs from many of the places in the local area, leaving only the democrats signs. The last straw for me was the removal of two McCain/Palin signs from my own property just today.

I request from all party volunteers and active voters to respect the signs of others and to maintain their signs accordingly. It is one thing to disagree with a position or candidate, but it is illegal to tamper with their campaign signs.

Having only a single side being allowed to be presented to the public’s eye gives a chilling indication of a dysfunctional electorate, and is a serious infraction to everyone’s right to free speech.

Please respect other perspectives and report any signs being tampered with to the police.

William C. Crandall, Chair
Franklin County Republican Committee

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