Letter to the Editor: Can you feel the despair?

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Can you feel the despair yet? I sure can. Since March 17th of 2020 I have traveled nearly 40,0000 miles in our State and despair is everywhere. One could say it is from covid deaths, but it’s not what I’ve seen or heard from my fellow Mainers. The despair comes from a sense of loss that some can name and others not at all. In the name of a disease which has a near 100% survival rate we have locked people in their homes, trapped our poor seniors in nursing homes with ZERO hope of seeing let alone touching their Loved ones. I have lost a Father I could not see and about to lose a Grandmother. We have closed businesses and pretended that government had the power to do so. We have put masks on our babies, our elderly who can barely breath in many cases and said it is in the name of protecting them. We have stopped seeing our loved ones out of fear of a disease that again has a nearly 100% survival rate. We have convinced the “immune compromised” that hiding, social distancing and masking up is better for them. Because we stopped measuring non-covid deaths somehow EVERYTHING is covid. We have somehow cured the common cold AND flu?? I have a family member on the verge of divorce after 16 years of marriage because of disagreements over masks and vaccines. I have an employee who has not seen her father in a year due to his fear of covid and now her child is trying to find attention from other people to replace his missing Grandfather. I have a Brother who is a therapist and is watching mass numbers of families being destroyed by the lock downs, and the mental health community remains silent for fear of judgement or losing their job. The medical community knows better and stays silent for fear of losing their job. Families cannot pay their bills due to lost hours at work, but of course the government keeps the handouts coming to cover their failure and keep us docile. We have community members running around reporting their neighbors businesses for people not wearing masks, they should be ashamed for abusing their petty power, have they had enough of abusing others because of their irrational fear? Haven’t you noticed that the police do not enforce these mandates? They knew from the beginning it is wrong and unconstitutional. When will people finally say WE’VE HAD ENOUGH LOSS?? Truly the losses have NOT been due to covid, its due to our ignorance, to following technocrats and not Trusting our own judgement. That tightness in your gut, that feeling of dread, that voice in your head that is SCREAMING that that this is wrong, have you had enough? How long do you plan to keep losing? When will you finally say NO!?

Brad Dyer

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