Letter to the Editor: Catholics at Mass will be asked for political contributions

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As a practicing Roman Catholic it is personally painful to publicly take issue with my church. However, when my church takes a position that is so contrary to notions of fairness and justice, I must speak out.

At this weekend’s Masses, Catholics will be asked to contribute monetarily to pass Question #1, a repeal of Maine’s Marriage Equality Law.

I urge all thinking, open-minded Catholics not to give in to what will surely amount to an atmosphere of peer pressure as some of their neighbors in the pews respond to the Bishop’s appeal.

Know that there are many of us, Catholics like yourselves, who will not lend financial support to this wrongheaded cause. Be confident (and the Bishop is fully aware of this) that there are many Catholics in Maine who wholeheartedly support Maine’s Marriage Equality Law.

Yours truly,
Janice David

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