Letter to the Editor: Censorship in reporting on RSU 9 board Meetings

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It seems we the public are only told of what certain people want printed. For example, it was never reported that the board voted unanimously to move the central office out of the high school to an undesignated location for thirty-two to thirty-four months and up to thirty-eight hundred dollars per month rent. This was to be paid by ESSR Funds, free covid money, so you know what happens next. There have been no estimates of cost of renovation to the high school, so what will this ultimately cost us. They also voted unanimously to have the superintendent enter into a contract with Ms. McCalmon to facilitate strategic planning, again with no mention of how much money would be involved. It was also stated by the board chair at the last meeting there is no state law on public comment at a board meeting. Obviously the haven’t read Title twenty A subsection 1001, 20, in duties of a schoolboard. They talk about transparency. Hard to be transparent when all the windows are painted black. No light in, you can’t see out. I believe we will be hit with the construction of a new building in the near future. What do you think that will cost to build and maintain? I have said before you need to pay attention or the costs in this district will soar, especially when all the positions and other “items” paid with free money runs out.

Craig Stickney

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