Letter to the Editor: Change on the school board

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My name is Tara Baldwin, from Wilton, and I am running for a seat on the school board.
I am a mom of a little girl who attends Cushing. I have lived in Wilton my whole life. Wilton is my hometown. If I get the seat for Wilton, I want to fight for a change. For our children and our teachers. Both have given up so much and it’s time to help them back.
I want better communication, no hostile work environment for teachers and others working in the school. I will push for better benefits for our teachers, contracts for them, and a better budget for our schools.
Our teachers are paying hundreds of dollars out of their pockets for school supplies, when they should be getting help. Our children deserve the best education and it all starts with our teachers. They are the ones who help form our children to become the next doctor, teacher, business owner or maybe President.
We need a change…a change for the better. I promise to do my best and be a voice for all. On Feb. 26, I will be getting the paperwork to run. I am rooting for anyone else who runs with me! It shows we want a change and for the best! I’m fighting for our kids, our teachers and our community! I am open for any questions or feedback. Good luck to everyone who is taking this big journey with me.
Tara Baldwin
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