Letter to the Editor: Climate change action

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Farmington received a real gift last Friday with the guest talk by Bill McKibben, one of the best-known environmentalists in this country. He came to speak for next-to-nothing, because of the soft spot he apparently acquired for UMF when his brother came here in the ’80s.

I only wish everyone could have heard him, because it was a presentation that touched on the most dire and alarming indications that we’re in extreme straits in terms of the trajectory and speed of climate change; but at the same time he somehow managed to get us all in a mood of excited anticipation for getting involved in trying to turn the tide.

Next October 24, there will be a world-wide demonstration on behalf of climate change policy action by the world. It will consist of as many local groups as there want to be, staging visible actions that are creative and illustrative and get the attention of politicians who hold the keys to society’s ability to respond before it is absolutely too late.

Locally, there will at least be one project undertaken by the Sustainable Campus Coalition. Planning is starting now. You can contact huebner@maine.edu if you want to know how to get involved or make a suggestion of how to make a statement that the media will notice. The theme of the protest is “350 parts per billion,” which is the maximum level of carbon in the atmosphere for sustaining human life on the planet. (Visit www.350.org).

By the way, we’ve exceeded that 350 ppb level recently. The point is, it has to be turned around: NOW.

Cyndy Stancioff

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