Letter to the Editor: CMP’s latest grift

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I would have bet that CMP would have been all tied up trying to convince the citizens of Maine just what a great deal the NECEC was for the state. I’ve seen all the TV commercials from them and Quebec Hydro with this huge blitz. So I guess they thought well while we’re at it lets see how far we can go. So now CMP decided to squeeze more money from all the Solar Projects. That scam took about a day to blow out of the water. They just blame the issue on some mid-level engineer. I know all the large corporations that I’ve worked for have all their mid-level engineers send out notices to their customers regarding contract changes (NOT). So CMP I’ll give you a little help with the next whopper that you want to come up with “my dog ate my homework and the checks in the mail” have already been beat to death. Who does your PR materials Saturday Night Live.

Jay Battersby

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