Letter to the Editor: Cut spending; don’t raise taxes

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The Maine State Chamber has recently come forward with a position on recent state of Maine tax increases. They have stated that Maine needs to find a way to cut spending in order to fund new programs, rather than continue to raise taxes.

With an economic slowdown and continually increasing costs of heating, gasoline and food items, businesses and citizens alike are faced with a situation where they need to make tough decisions to keep up with the increased costs of day to day necessities.

This is the wrong time to continue increasing this burden through taxation and the state needs to work on finding ways to cut back on spending and to create an environment in Maine that will promote economic growth and improve everyone’s economic situation.

The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce joins the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and other Chambers around the state in supporting the demand for more fiscally responsible state leadership and repeal of any new taxes on the businesses and citizens of Maine.

Respectfully Submitted,
Matt Wotton,
President, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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