Letter to the Editor: Dirigo Healthcare and Haszko

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“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water,” as is essentially advocated by some opponents of the Dirigo Healthcare Program.

Dennis Haszko seeks and gladly accepts information on all sides of issues, giving thoughtful and constructive consideration. State-run health care is a tough issue considering that no state in the United States runs a well accepted health program, except perhaps Massachusetts, which for only the past two years has mandated health coverage for every citizen in that state – the first state to do so.

Some HMO’s that used to insure patients in Maine withdrew from Maine, having not succeeded here in Maine.

Independence from federal money has been publicly advocated to help protect Maine from the federal financial crises. The bad news is that Maine is so intricately interwoven with the rest of world that we hurt, along with the rest of the world, when the fed is in crisis. I think it is foolish to refuse the numerous matching funds that the federal government allocates to be offered to the states. Refusing allocated federal money would not reduce our federal income taxes one penny, as many other states would love to have any allocated money that we refuse.

Roger Condit

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