Letter to the Editor: Fossil Fuels deception

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According to journalists with the Portland Press Herald several Texas Fossil Fuels interests are the money behind most of the “No Corridor” misinformation campaign. They used tricks employed by LePage and Trump to draw attention away from the benefits of renewable energy by asking us to focus on the one time impact of transmission line installation.

These Fossil Fuels interests would like to secure as much of the New England energy market as possible as the Pilgrim Nuclear Power plant begins to shut down permanently. They realize that renewables will easily come in cheaper and will therefore capture the majority of that market, if allowed to expand transmission capabilities. So, rather than compete in a free market, they seek to close the market to the competition.

It was bad enough knowing that Fossil Fuels interests fight their own scientists on climate change and the health costs of carbon pollution. That effort relied on misinformation and distraction similar to the “No Corridor” campaign, but on a level far less intimate. This campaign targets us directly, seeking our assistance in increasing the use of Fossil Fuels in New England energy production, increases that will bring more pollution to Maine. That will cost us far more than the minor modifications required to import more renewable energy.

Jamie Beaulieu

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  1. I’ve been reading a few articles on this subject and nowhere can I find a feed that said the no line is funded by some fossil fuel company. How about adding the link that you have found for me. All I’ve seen has been a grassroots effort.

  2. Jamie,

    Are you really going to keep playing the old progressive liberal Democrat game of blame everything on the
    Republicans??? Obama blamed every bad thing that happened during his 8 years on poor old ex-president
    Bush. Now we have complete Democrat control of our state and our newly elected governor jumped onto
    The CMP side of this issue and alot of Mainers who voted for her are upset now!!! And many thousands
    Are crying fowl and there is a true grass roots effort to stop this deal. Please give us some evidence of your
    Claims. Governor Lepage was in favor of this deal several years ago, as were many other people who have
    Since changed their minds after getting all the sneaky and dirty back room deals out into the daylight. Have
    You spoken to Governor Lepage recently??? Has anyone heard him speak in favor recently??? How is the
    Current president involved??? What are the “tricks” used by President Trump that you refer to??? Did he ask
    The Russians to send some money to the “no corridor” folks??? Please enlighten me!!! Or are you just one
    Of the many million crazy folks with TDS (Trump derangement syndrome)?

  3. I asked this question in another letter to the editor Ill try to get an answer again. Where are all these fossil fuel power plants besides the natural gas plant in Veazie ? I’m still waiting in the other letter for Hrtlss to answer a simple question so I won’t be holding my breath.

  4. Jamie,

    Good afternoon. You know, l was going to take a swipe at your source, the Portland Press Herald but I’m going to let that be.
    I can assure you that there is no dark money enlisted in the fight against the NECEC up in this neck of the woods. Unless, of course, you count the money l tossed to a grassroots comrade, pardon the pun, at the local watering hole when we had a very public meeting. The money was for tee-shirts that sported our grassroots logo, No CMP Corridor. I personally don’t like the color but what’s a gal to do?
    Unfortunately, l find the words misinformation and distraction, the words you use in your letter, tend to parrot exactly what the NECEC folks are trying to sell right now about the NO CORRIDOR folks. I guess l should count that as a blessing. That means the NECEC folks are starting to take this No NECEC grassroots movement seriously.
    One last thing, this is not a conspiracy. This is a bunch of folks who don’t want this project anymore then, lets say, New Hampshire.

    Have a great day.

  5. There is no Dark money it’s just a smokescreen
    To distract people from the ugly truth that NECEC
    Is trying to pull a fast one on the people of the State
    Of Maine! It’s a bad deal for Maine! I may be just
    One but I stand with thousands of wonderful people
    Who all believe we need to take action and stop this
    Horrible threat to our great state!

  6. What? Do you believe for a second that if the oil industry weighed in on this that they wouldn’t buy out everyone involved – paying much more than any electric and hydro company? Get a grip, there is no dark money otherwise the corridor would already be toast.

  7. Well written Jamie , If you want to get to the meat of something more often than not just follow the money.

    People seem to get caught up in the Republican V. Democrats thing while in reality both parties are corrupt and I think deep down most people know it. It is however about the haves and have notes and the haves control the media so most of what we hear is what they want us to hear.

    It’s simple really keep half the population fighting with the other half of the population and tthe haves zget to do what ever they want.

    We already have lots of power lines across the state, expanding one will not make much of a difference. This issue is more political than most people realize.

  8. The SAY NO TO NECEC movement is a grassroots movement! We are not funded by Big Oil or anyone else but Mainer’s! Honestly we do not even all agree about what the best alternative (wind, solar, nuclear, etc.) to the Corridor is – we all just know that slashing trees, destroying animal habitats, poisoning watersheds and taking property from people who don’t want to give it up IS NOT what we need! Especially for what amounts to a few dollars per person per year. $250M divided by 40 years – that’s $6 per Mainer per year! That’s our financial gain? For a project that will make its investors BILLIONS!
    There is no guarentee of the construction jobs going to Maine companies (it will go to the lowest bidding company) or that Mainer’s will get the highly specialized jobs needed to operate the line once its operational. And CMP’s service is abysmal, they cannot keep the power on during storms as it is and their billing practices are in question too – once this transmission line is powering MA who do you think gets fixed first when a snowstorm knocks out some lines? Also, once a certain amount of power is being generated it will have to continue to reach those amounts – so if and when the hydro-electric dam cannot produce enough energy then coal fired (or other fossil fuels) electricity may be used to make up the difference anyway! So the lower carbon emissions argument is conjecture at best! Trusting our environmental and financial future to a company that has already failed us more than once is not a solution!
    This project has been in the works for a long time, CMP has been greasing wheels (and probably palms) for a while. Janet Mills is disappointing many who voted for her by falling for this nonsense. Yes, we need to move away from fossil fuels as a nation and Maine’s dependence on heating oil and personal vehicles due to our weather and rural geography make the thought of operating without fossil fuels sound especially hard and a little scary; but we can do it by focusing on REAL alternative energy sources – THIS JUST AIN’T IT!

  9. Awww, I am sorry for not getting back to your question, as I do have to work in order to maintain the life to which I am accustomed as I am not yet independently wealthy. Please ask your question again and I will answer it if i am able.

  10. Here is just a short list I found for some of the “NO” money.
    Patagonia- California, outdoor clothing maker.
    Ben & Jerry’s- Vermont, Ice cream makers
    Univision- New York, Spanish language telecommunications company
    New England Power Generators Association- Boston, A group of electricity producers made up of all producers located in several states, hydro, nuclear, natural gas, wind and solar.
    Natural Resource Council of Maine- Augusta, Tree huggers, Chellie Pingree is on the board of advisors.

  11. Jamie,

    First I hope that you have a great Friday. We are holding $5.00 Friday donation fund raiser today and have been for weeks. Also sorry I did not let you know sooner about our auction we just had. You missed out on dozens of great items donated by locals. As a group we enjoyed raising 5k + for this event. If you would like to join our fundraising efforts give me a shout. Otherwise look out for the spin doctor ( John Carroll ) his misinformation can be found everyday. If you need facts please reach out.

    Thank you

  12. Jaimie, you fell for it hook, line and sinker. I know, because I am dark money, and my friends are dark money.
    New Sharon resident.

  13. Lisr of some Yes people,,

    CMP (documented dishonest company)
    “some” journalists,, ( too funny)…
    Spain (CMP profit interests)
    Massachusetts (nuff said)
    Hrtlss Bstrd (ditto)
    Wind Turbine Industry (sells ugly landscapes)
    Janet (from another planet)

  14. Hrtless,

    Just sitting here sampling a taste of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Cookie EnlightenMint, wondering all the while of course, as to why you didn’t list Exxon Mobil and Chevron as “dark money” resources for the NO Corridor crowd. I mean wouldn’t that kind of balance out Avangrid as a source of money for the NECEC propaganda folks?

    Ozerki is right. If big oil was behind the so called dark money that fuels the NO CORRIDOR folks, as the NECEC crowd likes to insinuate, well, we wouldn’t be holding fundraisers and taking donations from people that would rather part with a few dollars then see CMP build their project. That CORRIDOR would be toast.

    Darryl is right, the people up here are the dark money. And that’s as good as it gets. Which is pretty darn good. Grassroots is like that……

  15. CMP said it so it must be true……Right?
    I mean,, “WHY”would they lie,,???

  16. Hrtlss – as you know but should be reminded – dark money is from a source of wealth and influence that is protected by some altruistically-sounding name. By coming up with your list of ‘dark money’ we already know it’s not dark money. Ben&Jerry’s? How is that dark money? We KNOW who it is. If you listed something like ‘Citizen’s United for the Forests.org’ then I might get suspicious. Or perhaps Western Mountains & Rivers Corporation.org. THAT would also make me suspicious.

  17. Hey everyone,,,
    If the NO corridor is funded by Dark Money,,,
    I just spent some Dark Money on GROCERIES AND GAS…

    Somehow that’s bad compared to the “not” dark money that pays for John Carrols CMP professional propaganda machine.

    Many people (including Janet from a distance planet) use the term dark money to “spin the story”..
    Only a dang fool really believs it.
    Sorry Jamie.

  18. I’d like to add myself and most everyone I know to the yes crowd. When facts and common sense rather than emotions are used, it’s pretty easy to see the benefits. For all of you who think only those connected to the project say yes, my only connection is paying my bill every month and a reduction in my property taxes when the line is expanded. I really believe this is all about ” let’s stick it to the big evil corporation’s” that’s the underlying theme of most of the opposition. Obviously CMP is in it for the money, but when it comes to how each and every one of us make a living, is it any different? That’s not evil its life.

  19. Eddie,,
    Sounds like you need to get out of Massachusetts more if all you know is yes people…
    The majority of Maine opposes it.

    It’s not about “sticking it to the Man””, you silly boy.
    It’s about a way of life that you know nothing about.

    Don’t worry it will pass.
    Enjoy your 13 cents s month.

  20. Eddie,

    Do you know that one of the “semi-truths” the folks at the NECEC are promoting on their Facebook page as of April 24th is that Maine communities that “host” the project will receive an estimated 18 MILLION in increased property tax revenues each year.

    That looks kinda good if you read it real fast.
    But Eddie, here is where things get a little bit dicey.

    Let’s look at the word ‘host.” I see a host in this content as a willing participant. Last I knew, a lot of towns that were once playing “host” to the NECEC project because of letters sent by their SelectBoard, are now rescinding and opposing that same project.This NECEC is not going to be a “hosted event.”It’s going to be forced on a lot of unwilling people that live along or near that transmission line. Hosted? What a laugh and a very condescending word in this case.

    Now lets look at that 18 million dollar gift from CMP. Well, do all communities get 18 million each? Is that sum divided up equally among all the towns? And how many towns do you divide that 18 million into? Estimated? Oh, that’s nice. Estimate, which of course means, that 18 million isn’t even a given. CMP just reckons it to be so.

    Finally, as too your theory that this grassroots operation wants to stick it to a big evil corporation. I must admit that could be a tiny part of it. But why would that not be a reflex action taken by those that know what CMP and Hydro-Quebec have to gain from this. I can’t give you and exact figure because CMP won’t answer the question when asked but I’m sure its much more than 18 million a year divided by a number over ten.
    And I don’t even want to talk about what Hydro-Quebec is going to make on this deal. By the way, where is Hydro-Quebec in all of this. I have yet to hear a representative speak, much less be questioned.

    Eddie, this is just plain wrong. The towns have voted up and down this proposed Corridor and the majority don’t want to host the NECEC. CMP knows that and their going to spend some big money to bombard their message via media in hopes to change people’s minds. Oh no, watch out, that’s going to cause them to spend some extra unforeseen money.

    Hey, that 18 million dollar estimate may have just got smaller by half a million. But that’s alright, after all, CMP deserves to make a living. Right?

  21. Ozerki, I never said they were “dark money” donors. I said they were “NO” donors, out of state donors, while does shoot holes in the “locally funded” no corridor campaign, is hardly dark money. Although the NEPGA out of Boston does represent the interests of some natural gas companies who do not support the line, not necessarily dark money, but money from fossil fuel companies nonetheless.

  22. If anyone thinks their property taxes will go down because of this I have some ocean front property to sell you.

  23. Hrtlss – I agree that what you say is correct about “NO” donors – my mistake on that one. About your comments regarding NEPGA – there many NGOs that are against the Corridor and even some companies …. but here is the reason. The companies will oppose because it’s a benefit to them indirectly – essentially it’s an easy vote for them. The NGO’s don’t want the corridor because it will be an easy way for MA to claim their ‘green’ requirements when this HQ source is not really ‘green’. So, by opposing the NECEC and trying to kill it the people are forcing MA to come up with a better solution that is actually more ‘green’ and sustainable. The lucky corporations on the ‘right’ side of this are along for the ride with a wry smile. The dynamics for this NECEC are quite complex as you know. I just don’t like this whole thing being rammed down my throat. Would be nice to see a bona fide process including and EIS and legitimate economic study. That’s all. If I had that and the NECEC was still approved then what could I say?

  24. Funny, when someone has an opposing views, just call them names. Some of you really make me laugh. I live work and play right here in Maine. I get out everyday. I’m not one of you sitting at a computer all day. Maybe if you got out more and off the screen you might meet people with different views. Also, talk to your assessors. They will show you the math.

  25. There are multiple corporate/ industry “plays” playing chess behind the folksy No CMP Corridor. There are other folksy (appearing) groups that kind of look like the NO CMP group but are separate entities with similar names etc. but separate “donations”.

    If lobbying and “dark money” were easy to chase to ground….they would not be lobbying and “dark money”.

    One such backhanded play is the Natural Resources Council of Maine. Check out their website. Everything they show regarding “clean energy” is accompanied by pictures of giant white wind turbines. Also check out one of NRCM big supporters: Cianbro. Cianbro has scored/worked numerous wind turbine build projects. Next check out who Cianbro just (2019) registered in MASS as their lobbyists? –NOVUS GROUP. Lobbyists used by the “Massachusetts Clean Energy Partnership” which is a vague and easily mixed up name, that is not a gov entity or part or the Mass energy governance—but is a “group” of energy brokers:
    Nalcor out of NEW FOUNDLAND who bid to do a underwater transmission line to Mass.
    Sun Edison which owned First Wind ( and solar energy businesses) and was involved in the axed Cape Wind.

    This is just an example of how “industry” plays chess as a business expansion play…while playing along the tear jerk stories of a place they really just want to snatch money and the biz from. Is that wrong ? No. But it also “colors” the sincerity of their “concerns” re: CMP Line.

  26. Eddie,
    Once again you didn’t answer the question,,
    “Why Doesn’t Mass Build Something On Their Own Soil”??

    You complain about people with differing opinions but then you run away from a great question….

    The “common grid” doesn’t care where the power comes from that can be shared,,, right.
    So why doesn’t the one creating all the extra demand (Massachusetts) generate its own and share the extra with the rest of us on the grid??

    Ok, I’ll answer it for you (again).
    Because they don’t want their rivers dammed, ,, they don’t want to look at windmills either on their mountains or off their coast,, they don’t want unsitely solar farms,,,,
    They want to keep Their Mountains, Their Lakes, Their Woods and Their Coast beautiful..
    But they’re perfectly happy ruining someone else’s backyard.

    I’m perfectly aware of how the world works,,,whoopie dingle.
    I’ll be happy with our without this stupid new line..
    We simply have a different set of values.. I’m good with all that.

    Answer the question. Lol.

  27. Eddie, I do resent your comment regarding ‘getting out’. I spend a lot of time on my computer because I am searching out facts to assess this cmp corridor proposal. I actually have spent significant time ‘out there’ in many countries and states, including Maine where I have lived for over 40 years. What I don’t understand is why many people like you who support the corridor really don’t have facts. The speculation that your taxes will be lower – perhaps you don’t see the risk with cmp ‘selling’ its land to WM&RC thereby taking the land out of the tax base and storing it in a tax exempt ngo. Well, sorry but i don’t trust a company being investigated for ratepayer fraud. I actually read information from both sides and I see nothing substantial from cmp that can’t be torn apart by anyone with an inquisitive mind. The other side – the No corridor people have provided substantial fact-based information.

  28. Eddie needs help,
    Anyone answer why Massachusetts won’t produce the power it needs on Massachusetts soil?

    Other than the fact that they have the fools up in Maine that eat the crumbs of their table ..
    And they get to keep MASS GREEN.. lol

  29. I will type this slow …… The hydro dam is existing. The majority of the power lines are existing. The power is for the whole grid. Mass has no hydro locations, no dams. This is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option for the New England grid. It is not just about Massachusetts. If the grid has less power we ALL have less power.

  30. Slowly sighing,,,

    Mass plugs in,,,,
    Mass shuts down Nuke Plant
    Mass has no dams
    Mass won’t allow Wind turbines
    Mass won’t allow solar fields
    Mass continues to be wasteful creating the need for more and more and more energy…
    Mass spews emissions up and into Maine
    Mass waves around their Green Card.

    Maine,,,begging for crumbs.

    Calling us a bunch of hippies opposing this thing….
    Yeah,, ok genius.

    Ya know I’m not sure what you guys are whining about,,,
    Mass will get it’s way.

    Them crumbs be tasting pretty good as long as I aint down there with them… I’m good.

  31. Typing slower…… If there’s a decrease in the amount of power going to our house, you will have less power in the kitchen AND in the living room. If there’s an increase of power to our house you will have more in the kitchen AND in the living room. That’s how the grid works. It’s a regional thing not a Massachusetts or Maine thing. We are talking about a power line to support the WHOLE grid. Come on people it’s not rocket science. Let me repeat it’s the whole grid NOT one state

  32. Sure looks like a lot of people around here don’t want MORE power. Come on Eddie it’s not rocket science.

  33. Eddie, your repeated an blatantly condescending attitude only serves to strengthen the resolve for the unindoctrinated to continue their mission of truth and justice. You see, Eddie, the natural process of life produces an older generation of folks here in Maine who live here on purpose.
    We have not been privileged to enjoy the indoctrination of public education and feel free to think and observe for ourselves. They can’t fool all the Mainiacs all the time. But thank you for your service with this issue, I’ll bet you were a handful as a youngster.

  34. Eddie, spot in.
    Boxers, do your research. Two power plants are shutting down. The region needs to get the power from somewhere. Hydro, gas or jack everyone’s rates for wind or solar. I vote for hydro.
    Olde crime, you forgot to mention the American way…. Lol
    This is reality not Superman. The natural process in life is progression not regression. Progress means building infrastructure. A short stretch of New power line is just that. Progress for all of our benefit.

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