Letter to the Editor: Fossil Fuels deception

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According to journalists with the Portland Press Herald several Texas Fossil Fuels interests are the money behind most of the “No Corridor” misinformation campaign. They used tricks employed by LePage and Trump to draw attention away from the benefits of renewable energy by asking us to focus on the one time impact of transmission line installation.

These Fossil Fuels interests would like to secure as much of the New England energy market as possible as the Pilgrim Nuclear Power plant begins to shut down permanently. They realize that renewables will easily come in cheaper and will therefore capture the majority of that market, if allowed to expand transmission capabilities. So, rather than compete in a free market, they seek to close the market to the competition.

It was bad enough knowing that Fossil Fuels interests fight their own scientists on climate change and the health costs of carbon pollution. That effort relied on misinformation and distraction similar to the “No Corridor” campaign, but on a level far less intimate. This campaign targets us directly, seeking our assistance in increasing the use of Fossil Fuels in New England energy production, increases that will bring more pollution to Maine. That will cost us far more than the minor modifications required to import more renewable energy.

Jamie Beaulieu

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