Letter to the Editor: Ghost hunting not OK

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It was with disbelief and shock that I read the Sun Journal story about so-called “ghost hunters” being given permission to enter cemeteries in Farmington. I find it appalling that any town would allow its most sacred areas to be misused in this way. I understand people liking the thrill of fright, and the draw toward things that go bump in the night; and I also understand that some people actually believe in ghosts. There are certainly people buried in these places whose lives ended violently. Their lives and tragic deaths should not be manipulated into something filled with superstition and degrading to their memories.

People’s loved ones are interred with dignity and the supposition that the cemetery will remain a place of quiet and dignity. Allowing groups like these ghost hunters into our cemeteries should be unacceptable by anyone who cares about the sanctity of the places where we have laid our family members and friends to rest.

Nancy Johnson
Dixfield ME

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