Letter to the Editor: Gilbert’s record of service

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I’d like to encourage all voters from Jay, Chesterville, New Sharon, Mercer and Starks to vote for Paul Gilbert, Democrat, for the Maine House of Representatives.

He has impressed me enormously with his vast record of service to his community, through town government, school, labor, church, and volunteer committees and organizations too numerous to even imagine. He has been endorsed by labor, environmental, educational, grassroots political and even sportsman’s organizations, evidence that he has a strong record of participation and accomplishment on a wide range of policy issues.

He strikes me as having exactly what is needed to be a good state representative: commitment to helping working families, persistence, patience, a calm and cheerful temperament, and the willingness and ability to spend the necessary time. Let’s send someone to Augusta who will be an advocate for the interests of our rural communities and the needs of their families.

Cyndy Stancioff

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