Letter to the Editor: Global warming and eating meat

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In case you haven’t already read them …

Two magazine articles (Scientific American, February, Nathan Fiala, “The Greenhouse Hamburger” and Audubon, January-February, Mike Tidwell, “The Low-Carbon Diet”) published this month detail the real cost of eating meat.

It results in a carbon footprint that is of the same order of magnitude as the total cost of all of our transportation modes combined!

I was struck by the fact that the issue of our eating too much meat has not, as yet, entered into our national dialog about global warming. Certainly, we should continue to do as much as possible to improve our gas mileage, and develop alternative energy sources.

We could also, however, achieve a huge benefit by simply cutting down on the amount of meat we eat each year!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if President Obama announced that as part of his encouraging us all to “Go Green,” he and his family are personally cutting down their weekly consumption of meat and that he hopes we will all follow his lead?

Margery and Fred Blonder
Dixfield, Maine

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