Letter to the Editor: Harvell has the vision

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As I was reading an opinion article written by Dennis Haszko the other day I, too, got started thinking about what Rep. Lance Harvell has done in his short time in office. Mr. Haszko brings up L.D. 1244 “Resolve, To Advance Health Care in Maine,” this bill would take federal stimulus money and pay off the debt the state owes the hospitals in full.

How this helps the people of Farmington and Industry is in keeping jobs at Franklin Memorial Hospital and helps pay off the $12 million owed to FMH. Since when is it a bad thing to pay off our debt to help businesses stay afloat? Mr. Haszko sees this as ironic because Rep. Harvell campaigned on cutting wasteful spending within the Department of Health and Human Services. He must not have been paying attention (or in Canada) when Rep. Harvell’s stance on paying off the hospital was discussed in each of his campaigns since 2006.

Another lack of vision I found in Mr. Haszko’s article was the issue of L.D. 1168, “An Act To Allow the Taste Testing of Malt Liquor and Spirits.” This seems like an odd bill when first looked at but then the people of Farmington and Industry have to look just down High Street to Ron’s Market in Farmington.

Current regulation limits taste testing of alcohol to wine only. On a monthly basis Ron’s Market has been holding wine tasting for the community to come and try different wines that they may want to try before they buy it. In order to promote their business of having more than 200 types of beer and malt beverages the people of Ron’s Market and businesses like them across the state would be able to expand their customer base with the passage of bills like L.D. 1168. Yet, Mr. Haszko criticizes Rep. Harvell for helping out local businesses in a state whose business climate is less than friendly to all businesses.

When people voted for Rep. Harvell in early February they did so because they knew in Lance they had a person who would understand not only their needs but would provide leadership to help the towns of District 89. They saw a man who had the vision to help business and not someone that was so out of touch with the needs of their district that they continually criticize without having the vision and capacity of thought to realize that these issues directly effect the community that Rep. Harvell was elected to represent.

Keith Mahoney

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