Letter to the Editor: Honesty about taxes

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In this economic crisis, we all worry how our vote will affect our taxes and the taxes of the small businesses that are so important to Franklin County. How can you tell what to believe, though, when one presidential candidate repeatedly distorts the plain, public text of the tax proposal of the other?

At all three presidential debates, Senator McCain said Senator Obama wants to increase taxes of families making only $42,000. In fact, though, Obama plans to reduce taxes for all families but the few who make more than $250,000.

At all three debates, McCain said Obama wants to increase taxes on small business owners. In fact, Obama plans to reduce taxes of all small business owners but the 2% with a profit–after expenses are subtracted — of over $250,000.

In all his stump speeches, McCain says Obama wants to increase taxes. In fact, Obama plans to reduce total taxes.

We all know presidents seldom fulfill all their plans, and it would be valuable to hear McCain’s specific criticisms of Obama’s chances for carrying out his tax plan. Instead, McCain just distorts it.

So I’m voting for Obama.

Al Bersbach

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