Letter to the Editor: How will CMP profit?

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When voting on the proposed NECEC corridor project, we need to ask simple questions: How does CMP stand to profit from this project? What if the profits don’t go to Central Maine Power, but to its parent companies? If all the earnings go upwards, never to come back down, how will CMP continue to maintain the NECEC corridor? The burden of maintaining the NECEC corridor won’t be absorbed by CMP—nor its parent corporations—but will be transferred directly to the people of Maine, be it increasing the delivery fee, or raising the kilowatt hourly rates. And what if there is a natural disaster, such as ice storms or wind storms, that damage the towers and high-tension lines; who will then pay for the repairs? Again, the people of Maine. We don’t need this unwanted burden imposed on us with no hope of benefit. Vote to ban the NECEC corridor.

William D. Jennings,

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