Letter to the Editor: Imagine Peace

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IMAGINE PEACE. For six years, Women in Black and Maine Veterans for Peace have stood in front of the Farmington Post Office every Friday at noon, contemplating the sadness and carnage of war, including the thousands of Iraqi and American lives lost in our war in Iraq.

Though none of us can predict the outcome, we can now begin to imagine the cessation of American military involvement in that country, and the healing it might bring to both American and Iraqi families.

We will mark that sobering six-year milestone at our vigil this Friday, March 20 by holding up large letters that spell our “IMAGINE PEACE” in English and many of the world’s languages. We invite you to join us in imagining what a world dedicated to healing the Iraqi and American wounded, and to rebuilding the ravaged infrastructure of Iraq, would look like, and what we can do to help bring about that transformation.

Joan Braun
Weld, Maine

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