Letter to the Editor: In support of Rep. Harvell

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In the special election I, as most of you know, supported Lance Harvell as the representative for House District 91. I have had the opportunity to watch Lance work up close and personal. I have watched him for more than a “walk in the park” as Mr. Haszko has. After reading his recent letter to the Daily Bulldog my efforts to see Lance elected were reinforced.

First, let me set the record straight: Maine does have some of the most liberal welfare benefits in the U.S. I have spoken to state providers and they have reinforced this claim. Unfortunately we cannot change this because we are taking stimulus money to balance the DHHS budget. Taking this money does not allow us to change the requirements of the program. In two years when the money runs out we will probably be in the same place we are today.

Secondly, let me correct Mr. Haszko’s understanding. The state of Maine brags about having the most people with health insurance. Yep, that is right, it is called MaineCare. We help our poor by giving them health care and send them to the hospital, like Franklin Memorial, but then we the state does not pay the bill. It is like having a credit card but never having to pay the bill for the services rendered. Nice plan! In fact we have not paid the bill since 2007 in some cases. (I believe the state owes FMH over $12 million.)

It is time to pay our debt!  I guess this is not important to Mr. Haszko.

Finally, Mr. Haszko takes a slap at Rep. Harvell’s attempt to help one of his constituents on a wine tasting bill. I wonder if he even knows what this bill says? In any event, we all try to help our constituents. Lance is doing just that.

I am glad I supported Lance. He is doing a great job for those that live in Farmington and Industry.

Rep. Tom Saviello

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