Letter to the Editor: In support of Sirois

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I met Luke and Lisa Sirois four or five years ago. Upon meeting them, my first impression was a positive one, they were kind, helpful, caring, and all-around good-hearted people. I did not know they were medical marijuana providers, but upon learning this my interest was piqued. A family member is diagnosed with autism, and as they were going through their early teens, we began to see behaviors like OCD, perseveration, and they started to become aggressive.

Our family was against antipsychotic drugs to aid in these behaviors, so many doctors feel the need to push these medications. I wish that more doctors looked at more natural remedies instead of going with what big pharm pushes on them. We began to speak to Luke and Lisa about the possibility looking at medical marijuana and the benefits that the THC/CBD would have. Luke and Lisa are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all of this, they walked us through this every step of the way, we would have had no idea where to start or the right doctor for us. We wanted to make sure we found a doctor that did not hand out medical marijuana cards like they were candy, we wanted someone who looked deep into the patient’s symptoms and behaviors and made sure, that their needs were met, medical marijuana or not. Luke worked with their provider, sending samples to test to make sure they found the right ratio of THC and CBD to meet their growing needs.

It took about a year to find the right dosage and the Sirois’s were amazing and apart of this every step of the way, never giving up and educating us along the way. They sincerely wanted to help, and they knew it would, therefore they dedicated themselves to the process. As our family member was getting older, we noticed changes in behavior, due to this we needed to alter the medication. The Sirois’s never left our sides, I have seen firsthand the deep compassion for their patients.

They are selfless, passionate people who have been instrumental to so many individuals and families like ours, through education and/or being lucky enough to be their patient.

We are thankful and extremely blessed for all they did to help us and for their cherished friendship.

Rebekah Carmichael

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