Letter to the Editor: Joseph Martin was right

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Ms. Carol Coles of Starks, your editorial comments about Joseph Martin are ignorant, misguided, and insulting. His well thought out conclusions are accurate and needed to be said. Your ridiculous “quotes” are taken out of context or completely fabricated. The fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and any articles within it, were not violated by President Trump. Either you are parroting the senseless Democrat position, or you have never read the article.

The Jan. 6 riots were NEVER adjudged by the Congress as an insurrection. The only folks calling it an insurrection were the Jan. 6th committee, which was composed 100% of Nancy Pelosi hand selected people. Only two Republicans were chosen, both by Pelosi, and the Republican leadership had NO input into this selection and DISAPPROVED of both. The left-wing media, and this Democrat committee, are the ones who labeled the riot an insurrection. Just because they say so, doesn’t make it so.

Many people who entered the Capital Building that day have been charged and prosecuted. Not one person, including Donald Trump, has ever been charged with or convicted of insurrection. Only a two thirds vote of the full Congress, or a duly authorized court of law, can charge or adjudge the crime of insurrection. Neither of these things has occurred.

Shenna Bellows does indeed have the right and responsibility to do her job. When the claimants came to her with their outlandish charges, instead of holding a hearing, she should have simply conferred with a legal advisor. Any competent attorney would have advised Ms. Bellows that she did not have the authority to label the Jan. 6th riot an insurrection; the authority to declare any person an insurrectionist; or the authority to declare that any person incited an insurrection. She should have referred the three folks complaining to the nearest court house.

Ms. Coles, you finding Trump’s candidacy appalling is understandable. At best, and giving you the benefit of the doubt, you are a Trump hater and a rabid Democrat partisan hack, just like the limelight seeking Bellows. I have known Joseph Martin for virtually his entire life. Your conclusion, “the Maine Senate is a revered body and Mainers deserve to continue to have Senators who will honor the structures and processes that have been in place for centuries” is accurate. It is your determination of “structures and processes” that is flawed. Joe Martin has been a man of great character for all of his 60 plus years of life. He has chaired the Oxford County Republican Party for over a decade, and he has worked hard to elect Republicans to office who have honored their conservative family values and represented Maine well.

Joe Martin is far and away the best candidate Maine Republicans can put forward. His conclusion that Bellows did not have the right or authority to remove Trump from the ballot is both constitutionally correct and morally the right conclusion. I urge everyone who wants the best for Maine to support Joe Martin for Senator in District 19.

Richard “Dick” Pickett
East Dixfield, Maine


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