Letter to the editor: Maine citizens detest CMP project

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In 2018, while guiding a commercial raft down the Kennebec River, I first learned of CMP’s proposed transmission corridor. At a later NECEC informational session, we were essentially told the CMP corridor was a “done deal.”

Since that time, our goal was to educate the public on the negative impacts of Maine’s largest-scale infrastructure project since the development of Interstate 95. The grave impacts to western Maine’s environment, waterways, wetlands, wildlife habitat and the economic impacts to Maine’s recreational tourism, biomass, and related wood-forest products are very concerning.

Our grassroots team has been a force to reckon with through town votes, legislative hearings, intervening at Maine’s approval agencies, and in the courts. Simply put – CMP thought we’d concede in 2018 when we heard their rhetoric that the project was inevitable. Well, that hasn’t happened.

We continue to stand up to these foreign corporations, Iberdrola (CMP) and Hydro-Quebec, who purposely avoid the narrative that Maine citizens highly detest their project. Consider the 10,000 private citizens involved with Say NO to NECEC and the two rounds of signatories on a citizen’s initiative representing over 80,000 Mainers from all over the state who demand to have a voice to vote on this project.

Mainers have repeatedly shown they will stand up for what is right to protect their state and way of life. Thanks to grassroots efforts, Mainers will have the opportunity to vote on Nov. 2. If you want to stop, ban, or reject the CMP corridor – Vote YES.

Sandi Howard
Caratunk, Maine

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