Letter to the Editor: Medicare Advantage, a cautionary tale

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A recent quote from July 2023 US News and World Report:

“PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Martin’s Point Health Care Inc. will pay nearly $22.5 million to resolve allegations of submitting inaccurate codes for Medicare Advantage Plan enrollees to increase Medicare reimbursements, federal prosecutors said Monday.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Maine confirmed it was the largest Medicare fraud settlement in state history.”.

I don’t have Medicare Advantage nor would I criticize anyone who chose that option. We all chose what works best for us.

My concern has always been related to situations like what happened with Martin’s Point. There has always been the risk of provider fraud even in the standard Medicare programs. With the introduction of private enterprise directly into the system, providing “more” services at lower price than traditional Medicare, can be a situation where theses companies are tempted to stretch the limits of ethical behavior to make a (larger) profit.

Let’s carry on and continue to be vigilant.

Michael Webber
Strong, Maine


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