Letter to the Editor: Misinformation

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Mr. Charlie Webster’s October 14th letter to the editor regarding the referendum to expand Franklin County Commissioner representation to 5 members is breathtaking in its level of misinformation. He attempts to blame nefarious “Social Service” forces for raising this issue and posits the existing system, of which he was a vocal, though largely absent member, as heroic in keeping county taxes low for Franklin County residents.

In fact, advocates for this much needed proposal include Franklin County legislators of both major political parties. It improves representation of the northern part of the county, which though it has less population, accounts for 50% of the Franklin County economy. And it is solidly in line with Maine statute, which allows for 3, 5 or 7 county commissioners. One-quarter of Maine counties, including our demographically similar neighbor Somerset County, has more than three members.

It’s time for better representation, bringing more voices and new ideas to the table to improve the lives of people in Franklin County. I encourage all to vote YES on the referendum to increase the number of Franklin County Commissioners.

Ellen Grunblatt

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