Letter to the Editor: New referendum to put NECEC to statewide vote

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Earlier this month, opponents of CMP’s NECEC project (the corridor), filed a second citizens referendum to bring this wildly unpopular project to a statewide vote. This is after the Supreme Court found the language in the first referendum unconstitutional ahead of the vote. This new referendum, which has taken the court’s suggestions into account and been scrutinized by a number of well qualified attorneys, seeks to engage the legislature in large for-profit industrial projects like this one in order to give the branch of government that is closest to the people a say.

This new referendum would:

1) Require legislative approval for high impact transmission lines
2) Reinforce the constitutional requirement for legislative approval for projects traversing public lands
3) Protect the valuable upper Kennebec Gorge area from commercial exploitation

CMP is a foreign controlled entity, and they could care less about the Maine people, our environments or our future. The corridor is not about the environment or jobs, in fact it harms the environment and our economy. It is 100 percent a money grab by two foreign corporations who care only about the bottom line. CMP has shown a willingness to play dirty to get their way, spending record amounts on false propaganda, endless lawsuits and even a private eye to spy on grassroots opponents of this project.

Darryl Wood
New Sharon

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