Letter to the Editor: Oppose UMF’s arts center plans

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I am writing again to urge the people of Farmington to please re-visit and take action regarding the proposed Emory Performing Arts Center and its potential impact on Cutler Memorial Library, the town and the University of Maine at Farmington.

The Farmington Code Enforcement Officer and Board of Selectmen have in their possession an analysis by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission. In my opinion, it is a scathing disapproval of the plan.

The project, as it is currently planned and is patently evident, is not in the best interests of the library, the town or the University. I ask that the public please review the Commission’s report (who are the real experts in this matter) and formally oppose the project by writing or contacting officials at the Town of Farmington and the University of Maine at Farmington.

There are zoning and building permits that have been issued or are pending: formal written opposition and action is crucial at this time.

This is not a condemnation of the project as a whole. It is an attempt to get some sense back into what began as a unique opportunity for Farmington to build a center that would do what the very, very generous donors envisioned. Other more suitable and compatible locations exist and are available. So far, only the college interests are visible: the community is conspicuously absent!

The library, the town and the University will be irreparably harmed if the project goes ahead as planned.

Yours Truly,
Craig D. Schuler, Ph.D.
Industry, Maine

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