Letter to the Editor: Our poor Congress needs a vacation

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Nearly August now, and time for Congress to stuff all the various healthcare plans into the round (wastebasket) file cabinet and head on home. I just wish everyone, from coast to coast in this country of ours, could stuff their hospital and insurance (if they are lucky enough to have coverage) bills into the same round basket for a month as well.

Ah, but there’s no break on the bills. I saw a report last night that a million dollar tv campaign opposing any type of health care reform will begin to run the minute the Republicans head home. That is one reason they want the month’s break and are so very opposed to bringing any reform to the floor for a vote before August 1. There is no suggested alternative — just opposition. Kit Bond of MO stated in a radio interview that it would have been “best” if Medicare and Medicaid had never been created. It’s nice to have these things cleared up.

I have a suggestion. We give Congress a break, all right. Let’s suspend (as in cancel) their top-notch government-paid premium health care plan for the full month while they are gone. Let’s have them go out into the real world and face the cost of purchasing insurance for their families for a change. We can put the money saved into the federal coffers to pay down the debt, on which they are so focused.

And one last thought: what if we were to suspend their plans indefinitely — until they manage to get a real reform piece of legislation through to a final vote: one with a government option, at the very least, or single payer, but in any case, a plan that will get these costs back under control.

Eileen Kreutz

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