Letter to the Editor: Publish family announcements?

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My name is Beth Arrico and I have been a summer resident of Clearwater Lake for almost 50 years. It is always a sad day when I must leave the lake and Franklin County at the end of every season.

However, it has been great to keep up-to-date on the many happenings around town via the Daily Bulldog. After attending the wedding of Ryan and Jessica (Swain) Gray out to the lake on September 6th, it occurred to me that wouldn’t it be nice if the Bulldog had a section for announcement such as theirs, and to include other types as well, like anniversaries, military or births, etc.

Just a thought,
Beth Arrico
Greene, RI
Editor’s note: We are very happy to publish family announcements in our happenings section. Readers can simply email the information and a photo to: editor@dailybulldog.com We post ’em when we get ’em. Thanks for writing Beth and I’m glad you like our news site.

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