Letter to the editor: Question 1 was paid for by big oil and gas

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In a recent letter to the editor written in opposition to the Clean Energy Corridor, the author suggests that rejecting the project is beneficial for the future of Maine. What a misconception!

Contrary to his claim, energy will go to Maine. The corridor will transmit power into the New England grid, to meet the needs of 70,000 Maine homes — at discounted rates, thus lowering wholesale prices for Mainers. So why mislead the reader you ask? Well, this energy will come from hydropower, which is much cleaner than natural gas or coal, and hydropower threatens to replace fossil fuel as an energy source. That’s why out-of-state oil and gas companies are funding the opposition, they want to block this new clean and affordable energy supply from the market. Now that the truth is out, let’s focus on another positive aspect of the project.

On the environmental front, the NECEC will remove more than 3 million metric tons of carbon emissions from the region every year. That’s the equivalent of removing 700,000 cars from the road annually. Big oil and gas don’t want that, and they spent millions to get on the November ballot.

The NECEC will bring renewable energy to New England (including Maine), lower wholesale prices for Maine, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New England. Just say no to big oil and gas and vote no on question 1.

Serge Abergel
Director of communications

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