Letter to the Editor: soda and taxes

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An experience this summer helped reaffirm where I stand in today’s political and social environment.

This past week I was spending a few nights in a place that had a communal refrigerator. I had placed a twelve pack of soda in the refrigerator on the second night of the stay with a name tag and date on it. The next day I had noticed that the twelve pack had maybe been missing a soda or two, but I really was not sure, due to the hectic days and nights. The third night I actually walked into the room with the fridge and saw a man drinking the same kind of soda that I had put in the fridge. I said nothing, merely opened the fridge and pulled out one of my sodas, which ushered a response from the man who knew he was busted. “Sorry, I didn’t think you would notice.” “Well of course I noticed!” I thought to myself. But, instead I simply stated “it’s OK, I am leaving tomorrow anyway-I hope.”

What I should have said was “you’re stealing my soda! I’m calling the cops!” So now my restless brain won’t let this small insignificant situation go without a full walk through and you are stuck here reading about it.

Look, I don’t consider myself well to do by any means. Just because I could afford a twelve pack of soda or had the foresight to provide that much soda for myself, does in no way mean that a man without soda can just take it from me. And really, just because I had some soda, really doesn’t mean that I had enough for myself. What if I was there for an extended stay. I am sure if he would have asked me for some, I would have undoubtedly given him some without hesitation, but the point is, he didn’t.

Well, did I have plenty of soda for the time? Yes, but it was not his soda to take! I think we can all agree with that, right? Well probably not. And so enters the political discussion.

When President Obama makes statements like… “I think that ultimately, what we’re going to have is a package which will probably include some additional revenue from well-to-do people, including me and you, who can afford to pay a little bit more so that working families, people who are going to their job every single day, can have a little more security on their health care,” I say you’re stealing President Obama! This is not meant to be a democratic vs. republican discussion, honestly. This is about your money and how it’s spent by the government. I don’t care if you make 100 dollars a year or 100 million a year. You have earned that money for yourself, not for the government.

The government is stealing from us. It really can be put in such antagonistic terms. Some would argue that that is why you have representation, so you can tell your representative how you would like to spend the money. Cue laughter! Let’s take 5 dollars of your tax money… Would you rather have it spent on training Chinese prostitutes to drink less or spent on paying some other country not to cut down trees? How about roads, medical research, or any other government spending program? Or, would you rather have those five dollars to spend on your family or even yourself. Personally I want it for my family. I would rather spend those 5 dollars on some plastic toy that would bring a smile to my son’s face for an hour of a day then to have it recklessly spent by the government. If we all can’t agree on that I would be shocked. If you don’t agree, feel free to call me greedy, selfish, whatever, I don’t care.

Remember… Benjamin Franklin said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” I truly believe we are at that point. But, it’s not the people who are grabbing the money, it’s special interest groups.

Let’s just look at recent spending by this administration and the previous one. Lets start by converting debt to miles per hour, Bush was spending at 64 mph, the fastest ever, should we complain, yes! Now, Obama as president has released his own numbers, he will drive the debt at 174 mph!

(Source:(http://politicalmath.wordpress.com/category/national-debt/) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5yxFtTwDcc)

Cat got your tongue? I hope so!

While I should have said to that man “You’re stealing my soda! I’m calling the cops!” I do realize that man, AKA the government, can not function without taxes (soda). I want to merely suggest that every taxpayer have a greater say in how their taxes are spent. Maybe we should all pay the same rate, (flat tax or fair tax) instead of allowing the government to decide who is rich and who is poor. While we are facing the greatest loss in tax revenue since the great depression, I think its time we looked at how and when the government collects our hard earned money, AKA taxes.

Hutch McPheters
Wilton, ME

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