Letter to the Editor: Special Election Feb. 3

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I am running for state representative because I believe our current state budget crisis has been caused by poor short-term thinking and unrealistic planning. I believe what is required are long-term, sustainable solutions that represent our best hope for today and future years to come.

Having been born in Farmington, graduating from Mt. Blue High School and living and raising my children here, it goes without saying that I have concern for the current situation this region finds itself.

I have had the honor these last few years of talking with thousands of my fellow citizens at athletic events, at dinners on their lawns, in their living rooms and garages. I know the concerns they face within their own lives and what they expect from those who represent them.

The state of Maine, like the nation, is facing difficult times. We find ourselves with a budget shortfall of nearly half a billion dollars. With 35 other states facing even a greater shortfall, awaiting help from Washington will be a get-in-line affair. Any candidate promising grand plans for federal dollars is out of touch or making unrealistic promises they have no chance of keeping.

What a local representative does have, though, is say over and influence on, how wisely we budget our state resources, setting priorities and making hard decisions. This is what people expect from those whom they elect to represent them. They are tired of politics as usual they want results from those they know and trust. They expect the government to have to make the same sacrifices in troubled times they are forced to make within their own budgets every week of every month.

While I am far from perfect, I am ready to immediately step into the role of representative for District 89 (Farmington and Industry). With the current cuts taking place and those coming down the road, the decisions will not be easy for anyone, but I believe the voters understand there are no free lunches.

I am ready for the task at hand and would be honored if you would support my candidacy by voting in the special election on Feb. 3.

Thank you,
Lance Harvell

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