Letter to the Editor: Stealing campaign signs wrong

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I read with interest and sadness William Crandall’s letter regarding stolen campaign signs. Mr. Crandall is an engaged and active member of our community, and I have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of issues of relevance and importance to our community.

I am a resident of Avon, Maine, and am an active member of the Democratic Party. I support Barack Obama for president, and most, but certainly, not all democratic candidates for local, state and federal offices. Like Bill Crandall, I, too, have experienced in recent weeks, campaign signs for my candidate for president stolen and/or removed from my property and surrounding areas. Sometimes more than once in a day.

Whatever your political beliefs, or the candidates you support, please let all of us residents of Franklin County respect the First Amendment to the Constitution and be free to express our views, especially on private property. Republican, democratic, or independent, free speech and right to express our views are fundamental to the ongoing survival of our democracy especially in these perilous times.

Regardless of our personal political views, let’s remember we are friends, neighbors, a fellow citizens of the great state of Maine, fortunate to live in Franklin County with a way of life that is unique, and fellow citizens of the United States of America. No matter what our differences, we are all Americans.

Tearing down, removing or stealing signs for any reason is wrong. It is contrary to the values of our community and the memories and sacrifices of our forefathers and a large part of what makes America unique. It is our good fortune to live in a society where freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed. Let us respect each other, even in disagreement. After all while we might have different views about the direction of our country, we have a shared destiny.

Removing signs for any reason demeans us all. We have a way to express ourselves in a positive and unique way, by voting on Nov. 4. No matter what your political persuasion, I encourage and implore all my fellow citizens to express their views by casting their vote for whomever they chose, not by tearing down signs. That is simply cowardice. And we in Franklin County, Maine are not cowards.


Guy Appleby Griscom
Director, We-The-People/Maine
Vice chair of the Democratic Party
Avon, Maine

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