Letter to the Editor: Support for Rangeley Incumbents

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On Tuesday, June 13th, Rangeley residents will have the opportunity to vote for elected officials and Annual Town Warrant Articles at the Town Office between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The terms for Selectmen Cyndy Egan and Shelly Lowell are expiring and both have decided to run for re-election.

It is my opinion that the re-election of these two candidates would be a good outcome for the Town of Rangeley. I have been participating in and observing the activities of Rangeley town government for more than forty years. Over the last five years I have attended more than 90% of all the Selectmen’s meetings. The current Board of Selectmen function very well together and have good relationships with the Town Manager as well as the Town’s other boards and committees.

Cyndy’s and Shelly’s agendas are to work hard and make informed decisions that result in a positive outcome for the Town and its residents. I give them high marks for their transparency, their honesty and their accountability. They listen to all viewpoints and treat everyone respectfully. They care about the costs of Town spending and its impact on the taxpayers. I have not sensed any personal agendas, back room deals or underhanded activity. They follow the rules.

Many residents vote and hope that the town will function well without having to get too involved themselves. The election of these trustworthy candidates, Cyndy Egan and Shelly Lowell, should help them feel at ease.

Most importantly exercise your democratic privilege and vote on June 13th.

Mark Beauregard
Rangeley, Maine


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