Letter to the Editor: Support second referendum on CMP corridor

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Last winter, hundreds of volunteer signature collectors, like me, worked tirelessly to put the CMP corridor issue on the November ballot. Unfortunately after CMP sued their own customers, Maine’s highest court ruled that our original referendum couldn’t direct the Executive branch to take action.

So, I’m proud to join forces once again to collect signatures for a second referendum to give Mainers the voice they deserve. The new referendum would require legislative approval for high impact transmission lines, reinforce the constitutional requirement for legislative approval for projects traversing public lands, and protect the valuable upper Kennebec Gorge area from commercial exploitation.

Volunteer signature gatherers will be at a polling location near you, so even if you voted absentee, please drive up and sign the petition!

And while you’re at it, please vote for candidates who support our effort. We need more leaders in Augusta who stand with the people of Maine, not with foreign corporations. I was happy to read the recent BDN candidate survey results that found 66 percent of candidates respondents oppose the corridor while only 15 percent support it. Read your candidate’s response to the BDN survey here (https://bangordailynews.com/maine-2020-voting-guide/), and vote accordingly!

Carol Howard
New Gloucester & Caratunk

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