Letter to the Editor: Thank greed for higher power costs

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The letter in PPH ‘Thank corridor critics for high Maine power costs’ blaming NECEC opponents for higher power costs is very unfortunate.

The author is correct that the corridor would not have guaranteed lower supply costs for Maine, but he makes a giant leap to price stability. NECEC never made any such guarantees of benefits to Mainers. From inception it was nothing more than a corridor to supply Massachusetts with somewhat questionable “clean energy” from Quebec. This is why it was called a corridor! Maine was to carry the burden, by allowing NECEC to carve up our vacation land, disturb clean trout waters and gorgeous vistas along Route 201 – a national scenic highway – in order for a foreign company to reap giant profits without providing any substantial benefit to Maine in return.

The author is correct that “When renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, are not available to satisfy the system needs —–, natural gas is needed to keep our lights on.” We cannot have sustainable, reliable electric supply while waiting for nature to provide the right amount of sunlight or just the right amount of wind.

Thirdly is the author’s attention given to supply side rates, while completely ignoring the cases before the MPUC to significantly raise delivery rates next year. While the MPUC allowed generation side to dramatically increase rates, unchecked, far above the costs of fossil fuel rate increases, we are currently facing another round of increases from the delivery side that cannot be blamed on corridor opponents! NECEC has put obscene amounts in advertising to try to win on the ballot measure.

It is unfortunate to blame almost a quarter of a million voters for the increased costs of electricity both now and in the future. If blame is to be cast, let it be towards the greed of companies both on both the supply and delivery side, who have sought to profit off the misery of hurting Mainers!

Rev Darien (Deke) Sawyer
Jackman, Maine


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