Letter to the Editor: Thank you

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I want to thank the people of Farmington and Industry for the honor of allowing me to represent them in Augusta.

Though it would be impossible to fill Janet Mills’ shoes, you have my word I will work as hard for you in Augusta as I have to earn your support. Even though some may disagree with me politically, my door is always open to you. I realize that we will need all voices and input to help change the direction of this state and I am open to everyone’s ideas.

I also want to thank Dennis Haszko for taking the time to put himself on a ballot and for his tremendous campaign effort in such a short period of time. I know that it is not easy to face defeat, but I consider him a valuable asset to this community. His further help here in Farmington will be nothing but beneficial for us all. This last week has been such a special time for both me and my family and we wish to thank you all for your support and know it will not be soon forgotten.

Thank You,
Lance Harvell

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