Letter to the Editor: The NECEC – a real Tragedy of the Commons

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We are nearing the ‘home stretch’ en route to the vote to support or reject the NECEC. The ‘pro-corridor’ ads have continued this ridiculous ‘retroactivity’ gambit. Proponents double down on ‘retroactivity’ because it helps disguise their backroom deals to illegally cross Maine Public Lands and is ONLY about the sneaky Public Lands lease debacle.

The Canadian government (Hydro Quebec) continues the myth that their hydropower is clean. A Spanish conglomerate with a CEO under investigation for criminal espionage is another stellar point in this triangle of corporate influence, and leaves the dirty work to its US child, Avangrid. The third player is the hapless Maine company, CMP, the lowest rated utility in the US; botched simple measurements for cutting a Right-of-Way; and has changed CEO’s more frequently than most of us change our underwear.

Anyone who ‘buys’ the PR from these corporations is one of ‘them’, OR lives in some bubble in East Overshoe, OR is a candidate to buy a bridge in NY. The PR is cleverly written but nevertheless is simply PR. I want Maine to attract businesses that have integrity and are actually from the US. Our governor has proclaimed that “Maine is open for business.” I believe a more appropriate slogan is “Maine is for Sale.” I am voting YES in November to rid this beautiful State of these corporate raiders whose sole purpose is to exploit for profit. Where do you stand?

Richard Aishton

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