Letter to the Editor: The snail’s pace

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The snail’s pace of the Department of Justice to hold the plotters of the January 6th attempted coup of the United States government responsible was predictable.

President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court because as a circuit judge, Garland was unexceptional with his opinions, and Obama felt he would be the least controversial to get through a Republican Senate conformation; but Republican Senate leader McConnell refused to bring Garland up for a confirmation vote.

President Biden chose Garland for Attorney General as a gesture of loyalty to the Obama/Biden Presidency. But an uncontroversial mild-mannered judge is not exactly what you want for an Attorney General.

Garland was never a prosecutor, and that should have been the gold standard for running the Department of Justice.

So for two years, after an attempt to overthrow the Government of the United States and install Donald Trump as an unelected President, we have been stuck with a timid Attorney General hesitant to investigate the people who were responsible.

Garland has been highlighted by public opinion for his inaction. He has finally been able to abdicate his responsibility by appointing a Special Prosecutor to take the heat.

I fear that after two years, any serious chance of holding Donald Trump and his coconspirators responsible for the MAGA insurrection against the United States of America will be too little too late.

William Gilliland
Farmington, Maine


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