Letter to the Editor: Third Thursday ends on a high note

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The last Third Thursday in Wilton was a big success as many turned out to listen to music of the Prism Jazz Band and have an ice cream cone from the Dutch Treat stand. Antiques cars rolled into Wilton and made their presence known in front of Key Bank A highlight of the evening were the tours through the Bass/Wilson building by owner Randy Cousineau. Many enjoyed seeing where they use to work and others enjoyed seeing the new offices and the spa that just opened. Next door people took a tour through the Wilton Museum and saw a blacksmith at work, a popular activity for old and young alike.

Children enjoyed playing games developed by Barclay’s and were pleased when they received a colorful grab bag for their efforts. Ray Jacques, of the Wilton Hardware Store, had children shooting marshmallows out of a bow and arrow and you heard squeals of delight as they hit the bulls eye. Other children danced to the music, drew with colored chalk, blew bubbles, or had their face painted by Siiri Stinson. A special thank you goes to Siiri Stinson for always helping to put the tent up and take it down and for bringing in the talent that she brought in for each Third Thursday. This event would not have taken place without her input and enthusiasm.

People were provided with fresh vegetables, baked goods, and a wonderful blackberry pie from the Marble Farms and Lactose Free Baked Goods and Products were sold from the kitchen of Jean Christie and Jeannine Fletcher. Stacey Damon and Katrina Fay sold Third Thursday T-shirts and Rosemary Frazier brought in an assortment of American Girl Doll Clothes. We hope more vendors will participate next year as all who participated enjoyed listening to the music and talking to those who came down to the village square.

The event made over $500 with a silent auction to benefit the children’s playground at Bass Park. From a ride in an antique car to a dinner at Calzolaio’s the auction was a fun for everyone. Anyone who would like to donate towards a new playground for the children may do so by sending in their donation to the Town of Wilton, Bass Park Playground Fund.

Third Thursday, as a part of the Miracle of Marigolds program, was very successful for its first year. Two of the Thursdays it rained but the first and last had excellent weather without a cloud in the sky and not a hint of rain. The Cushing and Academy Hill Children planted the 2000 Marigolds in Bass Park with the assistance of Rocky Hill Landscaping, and all summer long, children and their parents, even complete strangers, worked in the Children’s Gardens to keep them free of weeds. Shasa Collins-Faunce of Mount Blue High School welded the post that holds up a new Bass Park Sign and the new burgundy benches and rocks were put in place and will be landscaped during September. It is good to see residents using the benches as they talk to friends, read a book, or just enjoy they view.

Many people have asked if we will have a Third Thursday in September, We decided not to because the days are getting shorter and The Farmington Fair is knocking on our door. Over the winter we will evaluate the event and hopefully it will continue another summer. The summer has been good… even with all the rain… for it made us and the Marigolds smile.

Betty Colley Shibles

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