Letter to the editor: Tiffany Eastabrook running for Maine House District 75

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As we approach the celebration of our independence from England, setting up of our own government on this grand continent, I think often of the sacrifices made by the esteemed men who worked so hard to establish our constitution and laws. Through the ages, we’ve had the dedicated men and women who strove to keep this nation on a correct path.

It is great to see the younger folks also carrying on this tradition of running this nation for the benefit of all.

I saw a post on Facebook that Tiffany Bunnell Eastabrook is running for Maine House District 75, which is Farmington and Chesterville. I knew Tiffany as a youngster. She was always respectful of elders, eager to learn, kind to others and helpful to anyone that needed it. In later years, I watched from the sidelines as I saw Tiffany helping her near blind grandmother do groceries, get mail, and keep in touch with friends and family, which are all challenging when eyesight is impaired. And anytime I saw Tiffany, she had a smile on her face.

I am glad to see these younger people taking over as the old guard like Charlie Webster retire from public life.

I feel, with folks like Tiffany, our government and what it stands for, should be in good hands. Here’s wishing all a very good Fourth of July and a wonderful summer.

Louy Castonguay

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