Letter to the Editor: United Way’s shelter funding cut

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At the last director’s meeting for the Franklin County Animal Shelter, we were notified that we would not receive any funding from the United Way for the upcoming year.

This decision was based on that agency’s new guidelines for distributing funds. Due to the state of the economy, they have set priorities for qualifying agencies that exclude Franklin County Animal Shelter.

The board of directors of the shelter appreciate the past generous donations of the people of Franklin County who have given through payroll deductions via the United Way. If you continue to donate through payroll deduction, you need to designate your choice to the Franklin County Animal Shelter as a write-in alternative.

The loss of this funding avenue equates to approximately $13,000. We will continue to hold occasional fundraising events to help maintain the level of care that our animals are accustomed. We have been fortunate in the past to have received supply donations from local people – cash donations, various service and labor donations, bequeaths and other varied and generous special donations from the animal lovers in our area.

On behalf of our furry friends, we thank you all for being so caring and giving. If you would like to continue donating to Franklin County Animal Shelter, you may do so by dropping your donation off at the shelter or mailing it to: Franklin County Animal Shelter, 550 Industry Rd, Farmington ME 04938.

Thank you,
Franklin County Animal Shelter Board of Directors,
Rebecca Powell, secretary

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