Letter to the Editor: Volunteers needed

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Without the people who volunteer their time to do the work, there would be no trails for people to ride on and enjoy. It doesn’t need to be a lot of hours volunteering on a trail or help at an event the club is sponsoring. Any amount of time is a huge help. It can be an hour one time here or there once or twice a year or what ever you can do.

Remember, any amount of time you can give is appreciated and can make a difference.

Also, many clubs are being run by the same people because no one wants to volunteer to become an officer. ATV Maine’s Joy Harvey is a really great help and people of other ATV clubs, the State of Maine ATV Maine division and I would personally help anyone that would become an officer of an ATV Club.

I am sure that people of the local snowmobile club would also be willing to help anyone that would become an officer. People need to remember that those who are in office cannot be there forever; someone needs to step up to help. In order to have clubs and trails for all those to use and enjoy in the future!

Sheila Gordon
Secretary/Treasurer of The Webb River Valley ATV Club of Carthage
smhm@localnet.com or call 207-562-7713
Web site: www.freewebs.com/webbrivervalleyatv

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