Letter to the Editor: REJECT the CMP Corridor

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As a state representative, I can tell you that CMP is NOT telling the truth. CMP is talking out of both sides of its mouth.

CMP’s army of lobbyists are back at it again, infiltrating our Maine State House and subverting our democracy.

What CMP says to state legislators behind closed doors is far different than CMP’s social media propaganda.  CMP wants the voter to think the corridor is good for the environment and climate change.  But to our legislators, CMP’s lobbyists confirm that building this project will end Maine-based, renewable energy like solar and wind.

As the nation’s lowest ranked utility in “trust” and “customer satisfaction”, CMP is taking direct aim at OUR legislators – those elected by Maine voters to represent Maine citizens. Our elected representatives must stand FOR Mainers in their state house chambers and represent their constituents’ views – the will of the Maine people.

Yet, once again we have a foreign corporation (CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola) spending millions of dollars to coerce and pressure our legislators to vote for their foreign, greedy interests INSTEAD of the will of the Maine voter.

If the environment and our climate future is your concern, are you going to trust the foreign entities strong-arming Mainers so they can make billions off of Maine’s destruction? Or, are you going to trust the national and Maine-based environmental organizations who oppose this corridor based on science, expert testimonies and sworn facts in the record?

Vote YES this November to REJECT the CMP Corridor!

State House Rep. Jennifer Poirier


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