Letter to the Editor: Why I volunteered

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I am writing to explain why I volunteered over the last several months to qualify the CMP Corridor referendum for a statewide ballot.

My first reason is I feel that power should be generated locally, and not imported from a foreign country, because it takes power to move power. The boosting stations required to keep the power moving through our state along NECEC are high frequency and dangerous for human and animal life within 500 feet of them. High voltage lines are showing effects on human health. They can complain; wildlife cannot.

My second reason is because CMP is owned by Iberdrola, a Spanish company with holdings in countries all around the world. They have committed human rights violations in many of the places where their work is done.

My third reason is CMP can’t even keep the power on during storms for its own customers. How are they going to manage a whole new transmission corridor? If a storm does take a tower down, there are sure to be fires (much like what has happened in California). Every time they have to go to maintain the lines, there’s more intrusion on the natural world we, the citizens of Maine, want to keep protected.

My fourth reason is that area is one of the few places people can go to get away from cell phones, cell towers, and all the general noises that go along with mankind. People visit Maine for pristine beauty and this power-line will definitely change that.

Barbara L. Russell
Rome, Maine

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