Letter to the Editor: Why we need to pass LD 194

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For years now, Mainers who oppose the CMP Corridor have felt an overwhelming sense of betrayal and injustice as elected officials and unelected bureaucrats have ignored our voices, while paving the way for an international corporation to make a billions in profit on an unpopular and environmentally devastating project. More of this corruption took place last week during the work session for LD194, a bill to ban foreign governments from spending to influence Maine elections.

LD194 is needed, because Hydro-Quebec has spent astronomical funds to promote CMP’s unpopular project through a loophole in Maine law. They’re doing this because they will make at least $12.4 billion in profits from the project for their sole shareholder, the Province of Quebec.

During the LD194 work session, Scarborough representative, House Chair Christopher Caiazzo, who previously served as a panelist alongside NECEC’s Thorn Dickinson to promote the corridor, invited Hydro-Quebec’s lobbyist into the meeting to influence lawmakers. Caiazzo abused his power as Chair, never disclosing who the lobbyist was, why he was there, or who he represented. For nearly 10 minutes Caiazzo facilitated Hydro-Quebec’s lobbyist’s attempt to kill this bill until thankfully Senator Craig Hickman put a stop to the corrupt maneuver.

I don’t know how they do things in Quebec, but this shouldn’t be how it’s done in Augusta. Foreign governments do not get free reign to influence Maine legislators or voters. It’s shameful that Representative Caiazzo conducted the meeting in this way. He’s elected to represent the people of Maine, not foreign corporations.


Francis Weld
Scarborough, ME

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