NECEC: Law vs. Policy

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The current President has opened public land to oil and gas drilling to ensure America is energy self -sufficient. Time is creeping up when a Presidential permit will be due on the importation of more Canadian power via NECEC Transmission LLC. (CMP Corridor) If self- sufficiency is the goal; importation is a contrary action. The President -Elect says he will be rejoining the Paris Climate Accord on day one. Policy within this respected international group cannot condone the effect of mega dams on the environment as evidenced by untimely release of warmed of impounded water into the ocean, as evidenced by studies in the Kara Sea (Siberia) and Gulf of Maine. Logic says neither President or President Elect could issue the permit, as it would be contrary to policy. The legal team at CMP has met most of the criteria included in Maine law, which only covers Maine and disregards “the rest of the story”. Is the strategy of Iberdrola to hand off the ball to the rookie NECEC Transmission LLC and get a first down before the referee notices the ball carrier is not on the roster? The President has been strong on his policy of” Make America Great Again”, allowing this importation would knock a leg out from under his legacy for 40 years. If the President Elect allows it, it would be an immediate black eye on his green energy initiative.

Bob Haynes

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